Fishing With the Best

Went out fishing the other day with some of the best captain’s I have ever seen. Well of course I have seen some amazing ones on TV, and what not, and I have friends who think they are the best gift in the world to fishing… but seriously from my own experience in person these guys really impressed me. Drop down charters the st. augustine fishing charter were amazing at catching fish. Continue reading Fishing With the Best

The relaxing time away from business

A lot of the times I feel like I’m overworking myself.  Then I look back and say, heck, no I don’t..  I have huge goals and the it requires the amount of time that I am putting into it.  But, what I do know is that I do need to have some free time to myself.

Just the other day my friends and I were talking about how much fun we had when we were in Florida. I never considered actually moving there before, but now after visiting there, each of us have decided to possibly all pitch in on getting a place there. We’ve decided to take a ride over to St. Augustine, FL once again. We just absolutely love this city.

The timing could have been a little better. We had went right before the 450th birthday of the great city, and now we are returning again shortly after the birthday celebration, heck, oh well. While we are here we plan on looking at many different places, from condo’s and apartments, and quite possibly even a single family home. When we were there the first time we did give a little bit of consideration and did a few hours of researching on what the town had to offer. During our research we met a gentleman who worked as a contractor for what’s known as the top local roofing comapny. After a 30 minute meeting with him, we had learned more about Continue reading The relaxing time away from business

Eat That Frog

Just a quick post about a book I had recently read called Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy. I definitely recommend it. If you’re into self help books and really wanting to learn how to take better effective action, BUY it!eatfrog

The 4 Pillars

What keeps my life f’ing awesome, would have to be without a doubt, the “4 pillars”. What are the 4 pillars you may ask? They are: Exercise, Diet, Mindset, and Spirit. Without continuously working on these 4 things on a massive level, I wouldn’t be where I am at today.

All day, from the minute I wake up in the morning until the time I close my eyes for sleep, business is on my mind. Not only are my businesses on my mind, but so is making myself a better person – which is done by reading and listening to e-books. Usually, there is a book on the nightstand beside my bed. At the moment it is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I like to read it before going to bed and even sometimes right when I wake up before ever getting out of bed. This is how dedicated I am to learning. It’s a must. I tend to always make a To-Do list for everyday activities and just basic things that need to get done.

As for diet, which I have to admit I have been slacking on, I try my best to consume the right amount of calories, protein, carbs, and fat on a daily basis. All at the same time I try to stay away from sugars. What you consume is usually how you feel during the day. I have stopped going to chinese and mexican restaurants, fast food restaurants, etc. all because I truly know how much it changes my effectiveness for throughout the day.  I usually always tend to get really tired after eating that junk, or I just flat out don’t have energy throughout the day.

For uplifting my spirit I go to a central of spiritual living. It’s really, somewhat like a church in it’s own right but at the same time a motivating, uplifting, seminar in it’s own way as well. My girlfriend and I go here at least once a week. Sometimes we go more, for meditation.  Also about 3 times a week, which I guess this would go into the exercise area as well, we do yoga.  Yoga does wonders for your spirit and own good. It really helps me feel my relaxed about my physical self and mental self.

Every morning I exercise. Usually the exercise consists of going for a run while listening to an e-book but as well as doing push-ups, sit-ups etc. At least a few times a week I go to the gym and workout. And again as I have mentioned before, I do Yoga.

OK Cool, so you guys should try this out because it really works, and does my wonders :)

Until next time….!